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Friday, August 17, 2018
8:20am – 10:30am
120 S. Riverside, 15th Floor, Chicago

$45.00 per person (group rates available for 10 or more)  

4 Speakers – 20 Minutes Each
Delivering Unique, Cutting-Edge Ideas and Thoughts

We are really excited to be hosting the first edition of ProjectTalks in Chicago. Ted Talk-like sessions from local and international experts.

This is a fantastic opportunity to connect with others from different industries and project structures while hearing innovative ideas affecting your project environment today. Tell your colleagues, share with your local project teams… and don’t forget those PDUs.

See you there!

Gwen Nichols-White (PMI Chicagoland VP) and David Barrett (Director, ProjectTalks)


Doors open at 7:30am – Registration and Networking
8:20am – Start
8:30am – first speaker
10:20am – close
10:30am – all done

Solving ‘Intractable’ Problems with Consultative Servitude
Steve Pieczko, RelMap Consulting

Project Team Members Are Stakeholders Too!

Len Marchese, Founder and President, Rethink, Inc.

Projects are Personal – Using Change Management to Amplify Success and Satisfaction
Aaron Schrems, Head, Business Transformation & Change Management

US Personal & Business Banking, BMO

Project Leadership and Organizational Leadership are NOT the Same Thing
David Barrett,Solutions Network Ltd

Program Details

Solving ‘Intractable’ Problems with Consultative Servitude
Steve Pieczko

Henry Ford once said “If I asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses”.   Henry Ford was a man with a vision that not only introduced mass production of the automobile; he also introduced several other productivity innovations that are still in practice today.

Henry Ford had vision, insight and intuition that drove the automotive industry forward and clearly made an impact by using these traits.

There are many situations in our job as a consultant or employee where we believe that personal intuition and experience is what the situation needs; however, this is not always the case and what separates individuals form being good to being great, is a personality trait that I call, “Consultative Servitude”.

In this presentation Steve Pieczko will explain the term Consultative Servitude and share several inspiring and emotional stories where intuition and experience got in the way of solving a specific problem and how stepping back to analyze the servitude of the individuals involved, helped solve the problem at hand.


Project Team Members Are Stakeholders Too!
Len  Marchese

This topic offers a different perspective on the importance and benefits of including project team members as key stakeholders. The notion that team members are motivated and invested based on their responsibility to successfully complete a project, and their connection to a project ends upon completion is inaccurate. Considering team members as a separate group from key stakeholders limits creativity, commitment and teamwork. It increases the risk of missed opportunities and project failure. When team members are included as stakeholders, the project is not only better positioned to succeed, but to also achieve something significant.

How to make the shift to including team members as stakeholders is highlighted. Actions for inspiring project leadership and innovation are proposed. After all, people perform a project for the benefit of people.  


Projects are Personal – Using Change Management to Amplify Success and Satisfaction
Aaron Schrems

Change Management deals with the human element, and humans influence every part of a project from inception to closeout.  We will use our time together to discuss how embracing that human element and applying principles that are valuable in life and business will improve results, happiness, and our broader environment.


Project Leadership and Organizational Leadership are NOT the Same Thing
David Barrett

All project managers are leaders, but our type of leadership is not easy.  We get thrown (or eased) into an environment that is fast moving, typically stressful, ever changing and continually challenging.  Oh, and we have no real authority!  Let’s talk about the ways we can better project leaders

Speaker Details

Steve Pieczko Steve is a management consultant, software developer, published author and speaker on management consulting topics.  Steve has previously spoken on Project Management topics for multiple organizations in Chicago.  Steve has consulted at several Chicago-land companies in Healthcare, Finance, Banking, Telecommunications, Transportation and Supply Chain. Steve is the founder of RelMap™ Consulting, RelMap™ Software and  RelMap™ Consulting is a Management Consulting company and is a service of RelMap™ Consulting. 

Len Marchese After leaving IBM in 1992, Len started Rethink, Inc. to help people think different and create significance. He applies his patented method to advise growth-stage startups and enterprises on how to achieve relevant and sustainable innovation. Len is a certified PMP with a Certificate in Project Management from Boston University School of Management.

Aaron Schrems Aaron Schrems is a highly accomplished international leader with significant experience designing and leading complex operating model transformations globally in diverse, highly competitive, regulated industries.  He currently serves as the Head of Business Transformation and Change Management for BMO Harris.  His teams apply human centered design, change management, and transformational approaches to deliver tangible value and optimize outcomes for shareholders, customers, and employees.

David Barrett David Barrett is a professional speaker, regular blogger, podcast host, author of 5 books and education advisor.   He specializes in helping people and organizations Manage the Uncertainty by creating healthy projects and strategies. David’s career includes the creation and directing of a conference business, training company, software development firm, speaker bureau, and most recently a TED-style event series for project professionals across North America.

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